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Have You Been Troubled by Main Frame of Cone Crusher?

Large-sized cone crusher is widely used for industries like mining, metallurgy, building material, railway, expressway, water conservancy and chemical engineering, etc. Along with the increasing market demands, people have more and more high requirements toward the quality and working performance of cone crushers.

cone crusher

As one of the important casting in cone crusher, main frame is featured in the complex structure and difficult processing technology. Since main frame is easy to have problems like solidification, deformation and shrinkage, it will seriously influence the production if not being carefully treated.

By optimizing the forging technology on main frame, we can solve a series of problem during the forging process, ensure the normal production and improve the quality of cone crusher. Firstly, let’s see the original main frame. Main frame of large-sized cone crusher is featured in the large size, complex structure and many cracking wall.

From the point of analyzing the structure of main frame, we can confirm the plans to classify the casting of main frame. Large hot spot exists in the two flanges. It is quite difficult to realize the order solidification along one direction. Therefore, we put the densener in the middle of belt, install the feeding head at the flanges.

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