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How to Deal the Blocking of Jaw Crushing Machine?

Under the cooperation of movable jaw plates and static jaw plates, the jaw crushing machine can be regarded as the leader of China mining machinery. It is normal for China jaw crusher to be blocked during the working process. Confronted with this problem, you should carefully deal. If the handling is not successful, the working efficiency of jaw crushing plant will be influenced. What’s worse, accidents would be caused. If the feeding mouth of jaw crushing machine is blocked by the some small mineral briquettes, you should deal the blocking with the crowbar and cleek, etc.

jaw crushing machine

If the crushing cavity is blocked by the large briquettes, you should immediately shut down the machine and clean them out. It is worth noticing that you are not allowed to take the mineral briquettes out from the jaw plates or crushing cavity at any conditions. In order to reduce the blocking cases, you should make frequent lubricating work. By so, the wear of jaw crusher machine can be reduced. Service life of jaw crushers can be prolonged.

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