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Independent Dispatch Done by Stone Crushing Plant

It is estimated that the transportation cost can account for 60% in the total cost of open-pit mine. In the large-sized open-pit mines, dispatch of electric shovel and truck is still the important thing to do. Nowadays, mine owners are more likely to use the GPS and multi-channel ratio for dispatching the trucks and shovels.

stone crushing plant

The software all adopt the automatic dispatch model in linear programming and dynamic programming. Before running the stone crushing plant, mine suppliers should make the general arrangement in the way of lineal programming. Then, along with the work of stone crushing machine, mine suppliers should correct the mining work at any time in the way of dynamic programming.

Modular company in America produces a famous dispatching software, which is useful in improving the working efficiency. Digitization of mining equipment, as a new chance for mining development, can excavate and integrate the information resources for enterprises, realize the re-engineering of open-pit mining and construct a whole and smooth management system.

Under the special mining situations, digitized stone crushing plant can independently finish the dispatching work, monitoring work and forecasting work. Known as the NO.1supplier of stone crushing machine, FTM Crusher Company has made the production for more than 30 years. If you want to know more about the stone crushing machines, please leave your email address on following website.

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