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Role of Fuel Battery for Work of Stone Crushing Plant

High-efficient and zero-pollution fuel battery is the great chance for developing the mining machinery. Fuel battery is a kind of device while can directly turn the chemical energy stored in fuel and oxidize into electrical energy. The fuel battery is made of the anode, cathode of catalyst and electrolyte for electric conduction. Fuels are oxidized in anode. Electrolyte is restored in cathode.

stone crushing machine

Through the external loading, electron flows to the cathode from anode. Then, circuit is formed and drive the load work. Different from the ordinary battery, fuel battery needs to be filled with the fuels and oxidants during the working process. Through the reactive force, fuel battery can produce water and release the energy.

As long as being supplied with fuels, fuel battery can work continuously and offer more electricity. The production of mining machinery should not act blindly, but take the full use of public platform and social resource. The increasing demands for economic construction can promote the development of mining machinery.

Manufacturing industry of mining machinery should experience the ways of absorbing foreign advanced technologies, cooperative design, co-manufacturing and independent design. In aspects of developing new industries, new equipment and new technology, we China still have a long distance to go. 

In China, mining machinery is classified into crusher, mill and sand making machines. In the near future, all mining machinery will be large-sized and high-quality. For some products with low additional value, high energy consumption and serious pollution, they have gradually been obsoleted by the market.

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