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Support of Fote Crusher for Intelligible Coalmine

According to the data statistics, with workers for about 0.1 million, the coal annual output in America is about one billion tons. For China, the annual output is about 3.7 billion tones with workers for about 5.25 million. Even though the coal annual output of China is about 3.6 times than that of America, the workers China uses is about 50 times than those of America. Works in large population directly result the low working efficiency and safety level. There exists a large distance between America and China.

mobile cone crusher

Under the above situation, some technicians propose the development concept of intelligent coalmine. The so-called intelligent coalmine would be the core of technological competition for mining industry in a new generation. It aims at unmanned exploitation by realizing the means of informatization, digitization and automation. It is not only a new mean to improve the high-efficient and safe production, bust also a helper to narrow the distance from the advanced level in developed countries.

It is unreachable to realize the construction of intelligible coalmine. While, the construction needs the support of corresponding of mining machinery equipment like mobile cone crusher. As a professional cone crusher manufacturer, Fote has made the production for more than 30 years. Most of the equipment have reached the international advanced level.

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