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Current Situation of Impact Crusher at Home and Abroad

In 1950s, the first impact crusher was produced in the world. The birth of impact crusher basically meets the higher demands of people for industrial production. Being featured in high working efficiency, simple structure and convenient maintenance, the impact crushing machine can deal materials with relatively large volumes. Afterwards, along with the continuous improvement of crushing theories and technologies, the China impact crusher has developed rapidly in these years.

impact crushing machine

With many specifications, the impact crusher has been widely used for industries like mining, sand making, cement and chemical engineering, etc. Compared with the impact crusher of foreign countries, impact crusher in China develops relatively late. Since 1980s, the technological blank of impact crushing machine in China has been really filled. Even though the technology of impact crusher in China is relatively later about 20 years than that of foreign countries, the large distance has been significantly shortened by the common efforts of crusher enterprises at home.

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