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Ways to Prolong the Life of Plate for Jaw Crusher

As the most commonly-seen crusher, the jaw crushing machine is more and more popular among the world markets by virtue of the large crushing ratio, reliable operation, simple structure and convenient maintenance. Along all the parts of China jaw crusher, the jaw plate is the most important part, also the most easy-wearing part. Since the jaw plates are very heavy in working load and directly connects with the raw material, they are easy to be seriously impacted and worn out. How to prolong the service life of jaw plate is often concerned by users.

jaw crushing plant

During the purchasing process of jaw crushing machine, you should take the quality of jaw plates into considerations. Greater the quality of jaw plates, easier the maintenance and overhaul for the later work. Screws, which play the role of connecting crushing plates and jaw plates together, are easy to become loose after the violent working. In general, more serious the looseness of screws, greater the wearing degree of jaw plates. Therefore, before the working process of China jaw crusher, you should check the looseness of screws.

At last, you should frequently check the wearing degree of jaw plates. Once the wear is serious, the normal production of jaw crushing plant would be seriously influenced. If you want to work with FTM Crusher Company, please feel free to visit our website and leave messages our it or directly email us. We will reply to you as soon as possible. Sincerely welcome you to come for site visit and inspection. Looking forward to working with you in the near future.

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