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Hammer Head of FTM Hammer Mill Crusher

As its name implies, hammer crusher is a machine used to crush the coarse materials into particles with size varying from 200mm to 350mm. As we all know, the hammer head plays an important role in the hammer mill crusher. Hammer head, as the stressed area, has to bear the impacting force and scouring force of raw materials during the working process of hammer crusher machine. After the repeated utilization, the working surface of hammer head is easy to be seriously damaged and even deformed. The edge angles at the sides of hammer head are easy to become the smooth arc surface.

hammer mill crusher

During the working process of hammer crusher machine, problems like wear of hammer head are easy to occur. If not being solved immediately, these problems will seriously influence the normal production of China hammer crusher. While, the frequent changes of hammer head can seriously influence the working schedule and cause the economic loss. That’s why the service life of hammer head is the most concerned problem for users of hammer crusher.

As a professional hammer crusher supplier, FTM Crusher Company sincerely reminds you to notice two points for the machine selection. One is the material selection. The other is the machine maintenance. To improve the quality of hammer head, the key factor is the material selection. It is reliable to use the hammer head made by the advanced wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant materials.

Of course, it is the premise to select an excellent hammer head. To prolong the service life of hammer head, you need to make the follow-up maintenance. To meet the above two points, you should choose a reliable hammer crusher supplier to work with.

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