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Ways to Improve Capacity of Jaw Crusher Machine

How to improve the working capacity of jaw crusher machine and start from what aspects? As a supplier of PE jaw crusher, FTM Crusher Company has made the production for more than 30 years. By virtue of the rich experience, we summarize the following way. All data related with the working capacity of jaw crusher machine show that working capacity of jaw crusher machine is in inverse proportion to the tangent of nipping angle.

jaw crusher machine

The working capacity of PE jaw crusher will gradually increase along with the decrease of nipping angle. It is simple to understand. Smaller the nipping angle, greater the amount of finished products. What’s more, greater the working capacity of jaw crusher machine. If you install the jaw crushing plates aslant and make the angles be similar, the crushing capacity will be improved for 4%.

As study results show that, relationship between width of discharging mouth and horizontal swing stroke of movable jaws is very close. If the two values increase at the same time, working capacity of jaw crusher machine will significantly increase. Therefore, we can start from the two aspects when starting the design and upgrade processes.

While, the increase is not casual and it should have a scope. The increasing value of discharging mouth should fluctuate around the scope from 0.025 times of cavity length to 0.05 times. The standard for reference is dependent on the turn volume of raw materials. Supplying amount of raw materials should be roughly equivalent to the discharging amount.

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