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Control the Acicular Content in Gravel Aggregate

Being influenced by the traditional concepts, people often think that the sand materials only play the role of padding for concrete making. The quality of sand materials is not important as long as the cement is enough. While, it is not the case. The amount of gravel aggregate is about 50% in concrete product. In addition, the quality of gravel aggregate is of high influence to the working performance, mechanical property and durability of concrete. The gravel aggregate is the finished products of crushing machines like jaw crusher machine or impact crushing machine. As one of important indexes for the performance of concrete, the acicular content in gravel aggregate should be controlled well. Then the following content will focus on this problem.

jaw crusher machine

If the acicular content are overly much in gravel aggregate, the quality and performance of concrete product would be badly influenced. The acicular content in gravel aggregate is greatly related with the crushing process and gravel kind. In general, the acicular content in crushed sand is controllable. With regard to the particle size, the probability of acicular particles in aggregrate with large particles inside is relatively small. As to the technical process of machines, acicular content is much higher when using the mobile jaw crusher. Therefore, people should choose rational technical process, based on the special properties of sand materials.

As we all know, the quality of gravel aggregate in global markets is relatively poor. The current situation reminds manufacturers of machinery equipment that to produce more advanced and high-efficient products is of significant necessity. Interested in our products? Please click the website for more information: http://www.orecrusherfactory.com. You can leave messages on our website. We will take them sincerely.

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