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Jaw Crusher Machine Equipped for Copper Plant

Copper crushing system is always developing. While, since it is man-made, some problems are gradually revealed and influence the working efficiency. After being analyzed, problems are mainly reflected in two aspects. One is the high failure rate, strong maintenance strength and great cost. The other is low feeding efficiency and great wear.

jaw crusher machine

After the careful consideration, we decide to upgrade the copper crushing system. After the comprehensive consideration on investment, reliability and advancement, we decide to equip the copper crushing system with jaw crusher machine. The jaw crusher machine has the following characteristics.

The rack adopts the no-welded frame structure. The two side plates are the whole-formed thick steel plates, without the steel casting defects like pore free and hot shrinkage. The two plates are connected by locating pin and screws and there is no concentrated stress. Compared with the welded structure, this structure do not have the internal stress.

The jaw crusher machine adopts the rubber damping structure. Most vibrating force are absorbed by the rubber vibration absorber. After receiving the effective buffer, vibrating force delivered on the base is greatly reduced. The dynamo is installed on the rack of PE jaw crusher. Without the independent mounting base, dynamo is featured in the simple structure and convenient installation.

After the comparison and analysis, we think that using the vibrating feeder technology to take place of old apron feeder has following advantages like low operational cost, long overhaul period, great energy conservation, low power consumption, reliable performance, cheap price and easy adjustment on feeding amount.

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