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New Crushing Technology of Stone Crushing Plant

Being used as the ingredients of cement, limestone and clay are independent to be crushed in the traditional process flow. Since clay is easy to adhere on, we have to equip the whole process flow with dryer. Even though being equipped, the working efficiency of process flow is still less than satisfactory.

stone crushing plant

The birth of limestone-clay bonding for crushing technology brings new chance for cement production and solves all troubles on the production way. Based on the traditional crushing system, we make a little upgrades by equipping the apron conveyor with a feeder. Then, there are two feeders on the new technology.

The two feeders are in connection. Clay is fed from sub-feeder, then enters into the main-feeder. After being mixed together in certain proportion, clay and limestone are both delivered to the crushing chamber of stone crushing plant. In general, the clay takes 10% to 20% of the mix.

By mixing clay and limestone together, you do not need to equip the stone crushing machine with specialized dryer. The whole work is simplified. You can save a lot of cost and get a lot of benefits. Interested in the stone crushing plant? As a supplier of stone crushing machines in Henan, China, FTM Crusher Company sincerely welcomes you to come for site visit and inspection.

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